After “Stranger Things” recently took the record for viewership records on Netflix, a new show has swooped in with another major title.

The Spanish-language series “Money Heist (La Casa de Papel)” holds the new record for the biggest first week for an original non-English series on the streaming platform.

Just over 34.3 million households tuned into the third season of the series since the premiere on July 19.

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Of those, 24 million finished the third season in just one week. Those numbers are huge considering only 18.2 million households watched the entire third season of “Stranger Things” in four days.

Director Diego Ávalos told Variety, “We are proud of bringing stories that are made in Spain, to the world.”

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“Money Heist” is about eight thieves who take hostages and lock themselves in the Royal Mint of Spain as part of a master plan to trick the police.

“Latinos often have to make do with few resources, so they’ve learnt to be very good at innovation,” Ávalos said.

“In U.S. British culture, there’s an aggression. The response is a perfect plan, no flaws. In Part 3, in contrast, there are losses, deaths, problems, betrayal.” That said, “Latinos, however, disastrous, can pull off the seemingly impossible.”


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