Drew Barrymore Explains Why She’s Finally Accepting Her Daughters’ Wishes To Become Actors

Drew Barrymore is embracing her daughters’ dream to become “total performers”.

The actress, 44, chatted with the “Today” show about the launch of her Flower kids line and what finally made her accept Frankie, 5, and Olive’s, 6, future in the entertainment business.

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“When I first had my kids, I think I was so obsessed with doing everything differently with them, I almost thought that acting was some calling from the devil,” said Barrymore. “I was thinking, ‘My daughters will never be actors! God, no!’”

But she eventually came around, “And then I’m, like, wait, it’s a great family trade. I’m a Barrymore. My family has been doing this for hundreds and hundreds of years, and multiple generations.”

“[What] I really wanted for them was something very normal and traditional and safe,” she said about her own “unorthodox childhood”. “I feel like I’ve accomplished that or I continue to sort of have that be my intention every day.”

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But Barrymore released her daughters are naturally “total performers”, admitting, “maybe they do have that Barrymore blood in there.”

Watch more from Barrymore above.

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