Kevin Spacey Surprises Museum Goers With Poetry Reading In Rome

When in Rome?

Kevin Spacey was at a Rome museum where he gave a poetry reading to the surprised crowd who started to gather when they realised who he was.

Spacey was at the Palazzo Massimo where he stood in front of the sculpture “Boxer at Rest” where he then read Italian poet Gabriele Tinti’s “The Boxer”.

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“The more you’re wounded, the greater you are. And the more empty you are,” the poem reads about a boxer who is determined to not give up even though he is tired. “They used me for their entertainment.”

The appearance comes after prosecutors dropped the case against the then-18-year-old Spacey who was accused of groping a man at a Nantucket bar.

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This isn’t the first time the “House Of Cards” actor asked people not to prematurely judge him. He also posted an awkward video as his character Frank Underwood asking fans to know all the facts before making their judgement.

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