Most people would cringe at the thought of tax evasion, but for Chinese actress Fan Bingbing, she is looking at the positive side of things.

The “Iron Man 3” actress was held under house arrest in China last year for four months while tax authorities investigated her. At the end of the ordeal, she was fined $70 million.

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“It may be a trough I encountered in my life or in my work, but this trough is actually a good thing,” Fan told The New York Times. “It has made me calm down and think seriously about what I want to do in my future life.”

She added, “No one can have smooth sailing throughout the journey.”

Bingbing is now stepping back into the spotlight, having just announced that she will be promoting a variety of charity events as well as breaking up with her fiancé, Li Chen.

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She is also expected to have a part in Jessica Chastain’s action-thriller “355”. Bingbing did appear in the trailer, but her part is reportedly in limbo since the scandal.

“There are regrets, pain and fragility,” she added. “But I still feel that I need to keep on living.”

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