Kiefer Sutherland sat down with Rolling Stone to discuss his career and personal life, which include some stints in jail.

The Canadian actor talked about the challenges of rolling in and out of jail: “I’ve never been to prison… I have gone to jail a few times in my life for doing some incredibly stupid stuff and I can tell you, the first thing you lose when you walk through those doors is your dignity.”

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That is why Sutherland appreciates the work of Johnny Cash, the legendary musician: “Johnny Cash wrote about men in prison and he managed to do that with a kind of dignity that I always thought was incredible,”; Sutherland said before adding, “I always really appreciated [Cash] for that. Jude and I wanted to write a song that was an homage to that writing.”;

Working on his first studio album “Down in a Hole”, Sutherland describes a track of the same name dedicated to a friend he lost to alcoholism: “Well, I was going to call it ‘Shirley Jean’, because that’s my mom’s name,” he says. “I just ended up liking “Down in a Hole,”; because a lot of songs reflected that sentiment. And Jude Cole’s son, Ethan is a great graphic artist and he did the album cover. It might have just looked better in the context of the artwork than anything else.

Speaking on a lighter note, Sutherland also talks about his guitar addiction, which once spanned a collection of 75 guitars: “Phenomenal guitar players would come to the studio and would get used to not bringing any of their gear. So I pared down a lot,” he explains.

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And that is where things got crazy: “And then I got to the point where if I saw a guitar I really liked, I’d have to get rid of another one. That became an interesting dilemma. I think at one point I had 70 or 75 guitars that were really beautiful.”

“Down in a Hole” is set for a 2016 release, led by the album’s first single “Not Enough Whiskey”.