Heartthrob no more?

Scott Speedman was hit with a shocking realization while filming scenes for TNT’s “Animal Kingdom”; recently.

The Canadian actor recalled the moment his director kindly asked him to put his shirt back on. Yes, back on! “So we start doing the scene and the moment comes, and I take it off and finish the scene, and the director comes over and says, “Great job, we’re going to go again, keep the shirt on in this one,'”; Speedman explained during his Monday night appearance on “The Tonight Show”. “So the shame of putting the shirt back on and the one tear going down the cheek.”; 

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“Animal Kingdom,” which revolves around a group of surfing brothers living in Southern California, sees Speedman play the oldest of five brothers.

Coincidentally, the hilarious moment comes after years of being afraid of baring his chest. “For years I was so nervous about doing shirtless scenes,” he admitted.

Watch Speedman discuss “Animal Kingdom” below.