Halsey Says Her New Album Will Navigate ‘Female Rage’

As she gears up to release her third studio album, Halsey is getting real about what it’s like to turn 25.

And while the new album has no title or release date, the singer told the Capitol Congress in Hollywood that the songs will focus on something different: “female rage.”

“Female rage is a tight subject for me right now,” she explained. “This album is less ‘dystopian fantasy world’ and more like ‘This is what I’m thinking right now: The world sucks. F**k.’”

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And that headspace stems from how she viewed growing older when she was young.

“I’m going to be 25 in two months. I’m a quarter of a century old. I didn’t think I was going to be alive that long,” Halsey explained. “I grew up in a world where being 25 [meant] having three kids and being in a s***ty relationship or I was going to be dead because young people with bipolar disorder who grow up with no resources don’t usually end up thriving at 25.”

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She added, “This is controversial… I’m going to be 25 and it’s a miracle I haven’t killed myself yet. I hope I can get married soon but in the meantime, I hope I can f**k as many people as I can.”

But Halsey is remaining positive.

“I go to bed and wake up thinking the same thing: thinking about how I can change the world. Hopefully, I never lose that and the day I do, take me out into the yard, guys.”

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