Actress Rosanna Arquette is feeling the fury of social media after sharing a tweet to illustrate her wokeness.

Wrote the “Desperately Seeking Susan” star, 59:

Rosanna Arquette/TwitterIt didn’t take long for Twitter users to respond, using words such as “patronizing” and “self-important”.

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Following a rash of negative responses, Arquette deleted the tweet and changed her account status to private.

She subsequently issued a statement, telling ET Canada: “I was born with white skin and unfortunately that has given me privilege. I was raised to love all human beings no matter what skin colour they are. I was taught to have compassion and empathy for anyone who is suffering. This is 2019. To see what this administration is doing to enflame racism is horrifying. This is fascism and I will always use my voice and do everything I can to speak out against this cruelty and horror.”

Meanwhile, a search of her name on Twitter reveals numerous tweets slamming her tweet, with some suggesting that if she’s that ashamed then she should donate all her money to lighten her shame burden.

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