Rumer Willis Opens Up About How She Got Over Being Bullied In Her Teens

Growing up with two famous parents was tough on Rumer Willis.

The actress, who is the oldest daughter of former couple Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, chatted with HuffPost about the constant bullying she faced while growing up in the spotlight.

“They stated I had an enormous jaw. They stated I had a ′potato head,’” Willis recalled. “If you’re 14 or 15, I didn’t actually perceive having worth in myself but, my thoughts went to, ‘okay, so if I get skinny or if I gown the precise means or current myself very hyper-sexually and gown this fashion, then I’ll be valued.’”

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But now, after turning 30, Willis says she’s turning the negativity into positivity, especially on social media.

“I feel an important factor for me is doing my finest to steer by instance,” she explained. “I nonetheless cope with insecurity and making an attempt to determine my very own path in all of it.”

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And when she looks back at her mistreatment, she notices how differently her mother was treated by the industry as opposed to her movie star dad.

“When my mom was the highest-paid actress, she suddenly was ‘difficult,’ ‘high maintenance’ or a ‘diva,’” Willis said. “If the same thing happened to my dad or any [man], then they’re lauded and told how amazing they are.”

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