Ian Ziering Makes Brian Austin Green Blush By Bringing Up His Old Rap

While castmembers of “BH90210” were at the TCA summer press tour, they couldn’t help but embarrass one of their own.

Ian Ziering brought up Brian Austin Green’s hip-hop days while talking with US Weekly, causing him to blush.

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“Brian was very much into rap and hip-hop way back in the day. It’s still a big part of his life. He doesn’t like to admit it,” Ziering said.

Despite Green continuing to tell the “Zombie Tidal Wave” star to “stop,” he continued. “Remember when everyone had answering machines at home and you had a little remote to make it replay? Well I wanted to come up with a creative message and Brian helped me with it,” he added.

Ziering called out Green to give him a beat, but when he wouldn’t, Shannen Doherty stepped up.

“My name is Ian and I ain’t home, so leave a funky-a** message on my telephone. And I’ll get back to you when I got time, that’s right I kick it with a funky rhyme. Peace.”

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“Word,” Green chimed in.

“Oh ‘word,’ it wasn’t ‘peace’ it was ‘word,’” Ziering exclaimed.

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