We’re definitely not in West Beverly High anymore.

Jason Priestley, currently playing a fictionalized version of himself in Fox’s “Beverly Hills, 90210” reunion series “BH90210”, channels his dark side in the latest series of Lifetime original movies adapted from author V.C. Andrews‘ popular Casteel family novels, and only ET has the exclusive sneak peek from “Fallen Hearts”the third of five films in the series.

The Casteel saga follows Heaven Casteel (Annalise Basso) and her siblings after their father devises a scheme that threatens to destroy their dreams and separate the family forever. Priestley plays Tony Tatterton, Heaven’s deliciously creepy, uber-controlling and very wealthy grandfather.

In “Fallen Hearts”, which Priestley also directed, Heaven is now happily married to Logan (James Rittinger) and ready to settle back in her hometown. But after a trip to Farthingale Manor, she is persuaded to stay. Lured by Tony to live amidst the wealthy and privileged, Heaven seems to have it all — until the ghosts of her past rise up once more, threatening her new life.

In ET’s exclusive sneak peek, after not-so-subtly sending Logan away to fetch some champagne, Tony seduces Heaven into making a decision she’s not ready to make when he whispers, “There’s so much I want to give you if you let me.” Shudder.

Just in the nick of time, Tony’s wife, Jillian (Kelly Rutherford), arrives fashionably late — and maybe slightly inebriated — in the middle of Heaven and Logan’s wedding celebration, only to mistakenly believe that everyone has gathered to celebrate her union to Tony. Talk about awkward.

“This is the happiest day of my life and to be here surrounded by all of our closest friends…,” Jillian crows, before declaring her admiration for Tony, “the love of [her] life.” “Oh Tony, I know that your love will always remain true…” But there may be some doubt, as her eyes wander over to Heaven. Watch ET’s exclusive first look above to see what happens next.

Priestley will also return as Tony in “Gates of Paradise” (premiering August 17), where he will be aged up several decades older with wrinkles and gray hair.


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