Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward are coming together for their children.

The “Flipping Out” star, chatted about his custody battle with his ex Edward on Thursday’s episode of “Jeff Lewis Live”. The pair, who split earlier this year, share daughter Monroe, 2.

“What was not a good time was court yesterday,” Lewis began while explaining “Jeffrey” is his inner child, while he refers to Gage’s as “Gagey”. “Gage and I, we went to court, but I wanna talk about the positives here. Gage left his inner child at the apartment. Now, I have to say Jeffrey did drive with me to the courthouse … I had a very hard time keeping him in the car, but I did keep him in the car.”

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But when Lewis and Edward met face-to-face in the courtroom, he was pleasantly surprised.

“So we walk in, and Gage was there, and he was — it wasn’t like he was friendly, but he wasn’t rude,” Jeff continued. “He was sitting kind of across the courtroom from me, and it was crowded. There was a lot of cases to hear. And I wanna say we probably just sat there waiting, apart, for like an hour-and-a-half. Now, my attorney came in. His attorney came in.”

“They put us in a meditation room, and we sat for probably about an hour. Gage was like old Gage. It was because he left his inner child at home, and I left Jeffrey in the car. I mean, I left the window down,” Jeff explained. “But because we did not bring our inner children to court, we were able to sit down like adults, and we were able to talk things through, and we came up with a temporary schedule that works for the both of us. And I was very, very pleased.”

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And they both walked away happy.

“He had sent me a text later, like, ‘I really appreciate it.’ And I said, ‘I really appreciate it.’ And then I had texted him later in the evening about other things, and so things at the moment are really good,” Lewis said. “I was very relieved because my biggest concern is Monroe, and I feel like this schedule works for her. I want to co-parent with Gage. I’m feeling very hopeful about moving forward. He’s a good dad.”

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