Margaret Cho is not happy sharing the comedy spotlight with Louis C.K.

The comedian, 50, slammed C.K. on BUST’s “Poptarts” podcast, claiming “I don’t think he’s suffered enough… I don’t think he’s suffered at all”.

In 2017, the New York Times published allegations of sexual harassment against C.K. by five women. Despite a lot of backlash, C.K. stepped back on stage last year and continues to do so.

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“For some reason, male comics are feeling like their time is ending, that their reign is ending,” she said. “When someone like Louis C.K. can be taken down . . . because if you look at him, he’s at the top of his industry. I mean, nobody’s ever achieved what he’s achieved in comedy, really, if you think about it. But also, he’s a sexual predator.”

Cho also called out Hollywood for almost allowing C.K.’s behaviour.

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“Hollywood is such a strange world because when people have this perceived power, they are like emperors,” she continued. “It’s way beyond political office. Like, you’re getting into royal territory. The way people fall all over themselves when people are doing well in Hollywood—somebody like him, he could’ve had anything. He should’ve been conscious of the fact that it would’ve been an abuse of power to even ask [women to watch him masturbate].”

Adding, “If you’re in that position of power, then it’s up to you to make people come and ask you to come and jerk off in front of them. I think that’s the only way… Unfortunately, and you know it sort of goes along with the things that he did—he’s not going to ask for consent to perform again.”

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