Accidents are bound to happen, but watching an entire episode of a show you don’t like doesn’t just happen. That is unless you are Donald Trump.

On Saturday, the president tweeted out that after watching “wacko comedian” Bill Maher “by accident” he wanted to call out the “many lies”.

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“He said patients in El Paso hospital didn’t want to meet with me. Wrong! Had really great meetings with numerous patients,” he continued.

“Said I was on vacation. Wrong! Long planned fix up of W.H., stay here rather than cause big disruption by going to Manhattan. Working almost all of the time, including evenings. Don’t have to be in W.H. to do that…And sooo many other false statements. He is right about one thing, though. I will win again in 2020. Otherwise, he pays 95% in taxes!” he added.

Maher’s only response was “I’m curious, how do you see a TV show ‘by accident’?”

On Friday Trump met with patients of the El Paso hospital where they were recovering from the shooting where 22 people were killed and another 24 injured.

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He posed giving a thumbs up alongside Melania and a two-month-old child who was brought back to the hospital after being discharged reports CNN. The child’s parents were both killed in the shooting trying to protect him.