Case Closed Against NYPD Officer Who Ordered Other Officers To Shoot 50 Cent ‘On Sight’

Investigations have now closed against an NYPD officer who ordered fellow officers to shoot 50 Cent “on sight” last June.

The incident occurred in June 2018 when Inspector Emmanuel Gonzalez told officers to “shoot [50 Cent] on sight” if they spotted him at an NYPD boxing match. After officers heard this, they texted their fellow co-workers in concern which started the investigation TMZ reported at the time.

“The inspector just said at roll call if u see Kurtis Jackson (aka 50cent) shoot on site … I’m like wtf,” one text message read that was obtained by New York Daily News. 

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When 50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, heard the report, he tweeted out, “Gangsta with a badge.”

The investigation has closed and found that Gonzalez meant no harm.

A spokesperson for the department told Daily News said that the allegation in which at least nine people came forward “was unsubstantiated and closed.”

Gonzalez also filed an aggravated harassment complaint against the rapper during the investigation, alleging he was threatening him on social media.

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50 Cent responded to the news that the investigation was closed on Instagram, writing, “I knew they were not going to do anything about this, so I stop talking about it. NYPD is hands down the toughest gang in New York. You just gotta be ready for what ever. You know the vibes.”

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