Hannah Gadsby Takes Another Swipe At Louis C.K.: ‘He’s Being Self-Indulgent And A Crybaby’

Hannah Gadsby continues to call out Louis C.K., now insisting “he can stop feeling sorry for himself.”

Gadsby, who previously called the disgraced comedian a “joke” in an interview with the Los Angeles Times, tells IndieWire: “He can stop calling people the R-word; he can stop feeling sorry for himself.

“There’s a clear path to redemption, he’s just not taking it. He’s being self-indulgent and he’s being a crybaby. That’s not a path to redemption, that’s just throwing a tantrum for the tantrum itself.

“You can apply it to anyone. I just think there’s an issue at large, and it goes across all issues of representation.

“I think because we think about men as the default, they don’t know how to let other people talk about their experiences without centring themselves. And that runs deeper than two lonely comedians.”

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In 2017, the New York Times published allegations of sexual harassment against Louis C.K. by five women. Despite the considerable backlash, C.K. returned to the stage last year.

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