Bill Hader is the latest victim of YouTuber Crl Shift Face’s epic “Deepfake” video series.

In the brand new upload, the “Saturday Night Live” alum’s face gets morphed into Tom Cruise and Seth Rogen while doing an impression of the pair during a 2008 interview on “The Late Show With David Letterman”.

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While chatting about meeting Cruise on the set of 2008’s “Tropic Thunder”, Hader’s impression begins and so does Crl Shift Face’s Photoshop magic as Hader mimicked Cruise’s voice and mannerisms.

Later, Hader busted out his Rogen impersonation and again, he took on the likeness of the actor.

Since the original video is over 10-years-old, Crl Shift Face’s transformation is so seamless that it is barely noticeable.