‘Last Christmas’: Watch The First Trailer For Emilia Clarke And Henry Golding’s Holiday Romcom

Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding are feeling the seasonal sparks in the adorable, bittersweet first trailer for “Last Christmas”.

Clarke plays Kate, a young woman who previously had dreams of being a big time singer, but after a brush with death due to a frightening illness, she’s given up on her pursuit of happiness to live a bitter life as a costumed elf in a Christmas-themed novelty store in London.

Soon, she stumbles upon Tom (Golding), a handsome stranger, kind-hearted stranger who Kate begrudgingly finds herself enamoured with. Tom manages to reignite a spark of happiness in Kate and seemingly helps her rediscover her path.

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Directed by “Bridesmaids” helmer Paul Feig and co-written by Emma Thompson — who also plays the mother of Clarke’s acerbic — the first trailer for this smartly written romcom seems to suggest that there may be some quasi-fantastical elements to the story.

Why does Tom almost always seem to magically appear when Kate is near? Why is Tom always wearing the same tan jacket? Is he a Clarence Odbody-like guardian angel? Also, it’s a Christmas movie, so magical realism is par for the course.

What looks like it could be truly unique is the possible John Green-esque quasi-tragic aspect of the movie that seems to ripple beneath the saccharine surface. Clarke’s hospitalization, her obvious depression and sense of alienation all seem to suggest that “Last Christmas” might bring more heartbreak to the table than we might realize.

Either way, the chemistry between Clarke and Golding feels instant and utterly magnetic, which might end up being the film’s strongest feature.

The “Crazy Rich Asians” star debuted the trailer on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon, and teased what fans can expect from the emotional holiday flick.

“It’s a beautiful romcom, set in London at the most magical time of the year,” Golding shared. “It’s one of the most tear-jerking, hilarious movies you’ll ever watch.”

“Last Christmas” opens in theatres Nov. 8.


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