Close your eyes and you will swear you’re at the movies.

Canadian voice-impressionist Greg Morton returned to the “America’s Got Talent” stage on Tuesday night to show off more of his incredible mimicry skills.

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He gave the judges pitch-perfect impressions from movies like “The Lion King”, “The Terminator”, “The Sixth Sense”, “The Godfather” and the immortal “Show me the money!” line from “Jerry Maguire”.

“Greg Morton, every time you hit this stage you raise the bar,” judge Gabrielle Union said. “Your brand of entertainment is so pure and so amazing and it takes us all back to our childhoods when we just loved going to the movies and everything was pure magic. And for you sir, at 61, a dream deferred is not a dream denied. Way to go.”

Cowell said, “Greg, you know, from the very, very first time we met you — not just as an act, but as a person — we absolutely rooted for you. I had a concern prior to you coming to the Dolby whether you would own the stage or not. And actually, you completely proved me wrong. Not only did you own the stage, you controlled the stage.”

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He added, “This was for me such a step up from your previous auditions. You fought all these years to get here. You got here and I hope the audience at home show you the money with their votes. You deserve it.”

Viewers will find out whether Morton makes it through the “America’s Got Talent” quarter-finals on Wednesday night’s results episode.