Patrick Swayze’s Widow Says Actor’s Mom Physically Abused Him: ‘She Could Be Very Violent’

Patrick Swayze’s wife is sharing some of the darker aspects of the “Ghost” actor’s childhood in a new documentary.

Lisa Niemi Swayze talks about Swayze’s early life in Paramount Network’s upcoming film “I Am Patrick Swayze”. Swayze grew up in Houston, Texas, where his mother Patsy was a choreographer who founded the Houston Jazz Ballet Company.

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Patsy “was really an example of what happens in families in a cycle of abuse,” Lisa says in the film, according to People. “She could be very violent, but it was nothing compared to what she endured growing up and the stories I heard about what she went through with her own mother.”

Patsy’s demands for perfection reached a breaking point on Swayze’s 18th birthday. The actor often spoke privately about how his mother was “laying into him” before Swayze’s father threatened to divorce her. “She never hit him after that,” Lisa says.

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“He became very aware of the positive and the negative aspects of how he was raised,” she continues. “If somebody pushes you that hard, like his mom did, it could make some people cave, but it made him fight harder.”

“I Am Patrick Swayze” is directed by Adrian Buitenhuis. The documentary premieres on August 18, which would have been Swayze’s 67th birthday.

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