Henry Golding Sings ‘Sexual Healing’ And Gives An Audience Member A Haircut On ‘The Tonight Show’

Henry Golding is a real sexual healer.

The “Last Christmas” star was on “The Tonight Show” on Tuesday, and host Jimmy Fallon brought up the fact that in high school he was known for constantly singing Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing”.

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Even his yearbook predicted that in the future Golding would become a professional Sexual Healer.

Asked if he was at least a good singer, Golding admitted, “I was a terrible singer.”

To prove it, Fallon got him to sing a few lines from the song, and while his voice was bad, the audience couldn’t get enough.

Also on the show, Fallon and Golding had their hairstyling skills put to the test with the help of a couple of random audience members.

It started going off course almost immediately, with Golding at one point exclaiming, “Oh no, I’m going to get sued for this!”

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Later, Golding talked about his history as the host of a travel show in Malaysia. Fallon then surprised him by showing his hilarious audition tape featuring the actor walking around London, England, and eating noodles.

“You’ve destroyed my street cred,” Golding joked.

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