‘The Crown’ Season-3 Cast Talk Taking Over The Royal Drama

“The Crown” is finally coming back for another season, the cast is getting a massive shakeup.

New star of the show Olivia Colman is on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, and in the issue she and other newcomers discuss taking over the hit Netflix drama.

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Photo: Julian Broad for EW
Photo: Julian Broad for EW

On agreeing to star as Queen Elizabeth in the new season, Colman admits, “I was incredibly uncool about it. The producers went, ‘So…’ [I said,] ‘Yes! Yes! I’m really excited! Thank you very much!’ I loved the first two seasons.”

That said, taking over the role originated by the award-winning Claire Foy presented a challenge.

“It’s horrendous,” Colman says. “Everyone loves Claire Foy, so I have got the worst job in the world at the moment. You’re saying all the worst things, thanks!”

Foy’s shadow was so large, Colman initially found herself imitating her predecessor.

“It’s the same as any classical play you do — everyone will have already played that part before,” she says. “The first week, I did feel myself trying to do ‘Claire’ impressions. ‘What would she have done?’”

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Photo: Julian Broad for EW
Photo: Julian Broad for EW

Bonham Carter, who is playing Elizabeth’s sister Princess Margaret, talks about how she met the real-life princess years ago.

“My uncle was actually very close to her,” she explains. “She was pretty scary. At one point, she met me at Windsor Castle and she said, ‘You are getting better, aren’t you?’”

Margaret was referring to Bonham Carter’s acting chops.

“I presume that’s what she meant,” the actress added.

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