Jonathan Groff Teases A Single Line From ‘Frozen 2’ On ‘Fallon’

Fans are finally getting another extremely small sneak preview of “Frozen 2”.

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Jonathan Groff was on “The Tonight Show” on Tuesday, and host Jimmy Fallon got him to offer fans a taste of the upcoming Disney sequel.

The actor explained that Disney allowed him to share a single line he recorded for the film.

“This is like a world premiere of one of my lines that will be in the movie, from ‘Frozen 2’,” Groff said, before getting into character as Kristoff and saying, “What are you going to do with that?”

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During the interview, Groff also recorded a voice memo for Fallon’s daughters Winnie and Franny, performing one of the songs from the original “Frozen”.

“Oh my God,” Fallon said. “That will be played every single night in my house.”

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