Tessa Virtue And Scott Moir Celebrate His Engagement News, Talk New Figure Skating Tour

Figure skating champions Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are celebrating his recent engagement to Jackie Mascarin.

“We’re very excited,” Moir tells ET Canada‘s Carlos Bustamante in a sit-down interview in Toronto. “It seems this is a great time in our lives; there’s a lot to be excited about and in my personal life.”

Last week, Moir, 31, confirmed his engagement to Mascarin, his first figure skating partner. While the news may come as a blow to Moir and Virtue’s fans who have fantasized about an off-ice romance involving the pair, Moir says he’s perfectly happy with keeping his personal and professional lives separate.

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“What we have is so different and it’s such a great friendship, great business relationship, and it’s so special,” Moir says of his partnership with Virtue. “We hear a lot about comparisons and stuff and it’s not really like that in my brain, you know. I feel so, so fortunate to have just two wonderful women in my life. Well, three [with] my mother.”

As for Moir’s big day, his skating partner Virtue will be cheering him on — even if he isn’t able to keep his cool at the altar.

“He’s emotional and he cares and he’s sensitive and so I think there will be a lot of tears and emotion, I would hope, at least because it’s significant and it means something to you,” Virtue, 30, tells Carlos.

“I remember calling Scott to congratulate him on the engagement and as the [phone] was ringing, I thought, Wow,” Virtue continues. “I imagined so many things in our partnership. I envisioned so many milestones and that wasn’t one of them. So, how neat to celebrate this next chapter.”

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Before Moir makes it down the aisle, he and Virtue are hitting the ice for the “Rock The Rink” tour with fellow figure skating legends Elvis Stojko and Patrick Chan. The tour, which kicks off in October, has Moir already facing down some nerves, thanks to the amount of time he and Virtue will be spending on the ice.

“I feel more stressed cause there’s so much more time,” he says. “Instead of seven minutes that we would be working on for an entire year… you’re leading up to the Olympics and it all comes down to seven minutes [of performance]…now all of a sudden, it’s not us [for] all 90 minutes but there’s a lot of content.

“Obviously preparing for the Olympics is pretty stressful as well and I’m not really in that headspace anymore but this is just such a different project.”

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