Skunk Anansie’s Skin has opened up about headlining Glastonbury back in 1999, admitting she was “irritated” when Beyoncé claimed she was the first black woman to do the honour.

Skin took the stage alongside her bandmates, with the group previously calling out Stormzy for also claiming to be the first Black British artist to headline the festival. He’s since apologized.

Skin said of Bey, who headlined the Pyramid stage in 2011: “If I’m really honest. I was way more irritated when Beyoncé said she was the first black woman. I really like Stormzy and I think he does a lot of good.”

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She continued to tell the Guardian: “I would never tear that guy down and I would never start a beef and take that moment away from him. But I had to stick up for myself.”

Skin added of Stormzy’s apology: “The guy has so much class. He DM’d me personally and it was a lovely message.

“We had a little conversation. We’re all proud of the fact he’s a black man, doing the black man things.”

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The rapper also took to Twitter to post:

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