“Game of Thrones” actress Josephine Gillan has reached out to the public for help after claiming the Israeli social services “kidnapped” her eight-month-old daughter, Gloria, last week.

Gillan, who played Marei in the HBO series, started a GoFundMe profile, where she explained what had happened.

She claimed, “I’m not currently working as [‘Game of Thrones’ has] finished now and I’ve been busy with motherhood. I came to Israel to have my baby, my beloved daughter is almost eight months old, I raised and cared for her from birth.

“When she was five months old the Israeli social services decided my baby should stay with my friend while I go to therapy for post natal depression. My friend has been amazing and her and her amazing family love and cares for my daughter Gloria with a true love to me and her.”

Gillan went on to say that “Three nights ago the social services came in the night at 12:30am! With the police and kidnapped my daughter and took her to another family! I’m not allowed to see her or have contact! I have no idea where she is!! I was not there at the time and was not aware of what they had done! It’s absolutely outrageous!”

The actress continued, “Unfortunately the legal costs I can’t afford right now! Good lawyers are costly but worth it for my baby to have a chance of happiness and love that she deserves!

“So I’m reaching out for donations to please help raise enough money to bring her back to where she is safe and loved!

“No child should be without their parent! Especially if they are good and care for the child devotedly!” she added.

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Israel’s Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services declined to comment on the specifics of the situation, according to The Times of Israel, citing “the privacy of the child and the necessary secrecy of such cases.”

However, they insisted the case was being dealt with.

They said, “Our only priority is the welfare of the baby and we are trying to find the best solution.”

ET Canada has contacted Gillan for comment.

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