Jimmy Eat World’s Zach Lind Calls Third Eye Blind’s Stephan Jenkins ‘A F**king Creepy D**chebag’

Jimmy Eat World and Third Eye Blind are on a co-headlining tour but there already seems to be massive friction.

Talk about a battle of the bands. A couple of weeks after the two acts embarked on a co-headlining tour, Jimmy Eat World drummer Zach Lind wrote scathing tweets about Third Eye Blind singer Stephan Jenkins.

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“Stephan Jenkins is such a f**king creepy d**chebag,” Lind tweeted. In parenthesis, he added “(I feel so much better now).”

Lind also shared a notice for venue staff with Third Eye Blind’s faces on it. “The members of Third Eye Blind will not be wearing laminates,” it reads. “Please learn their faces so they are granted entrance to all areas of the venue, but please also be diligent in making sure they are the only people allowed entrance backstage without laminates.”

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Lind also addressed fans who defended Jenkins or said he should have handled the issues privately: “I genuinely feel bad for anyone stepping in to defend this dude when they have no idea what they’re defending. My assessment of the man here is extravagantly generous.”

Jenkins has yet to publicly respond to Lind’s tweets.

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