Jerry O’Connell’s wife Rebecca Romijn was not impressed with that snoring clip the host shared on his show this week.

Romijn was a guest on “Jerry O'”, which is airing while “The Wendy Williams Show” is on hiatus, with her first telling her other half: “I’m so proud to be here in your first week, you are killing it. It’s surreal.”

However, talk soon turned to that video, which O’Connell took of his wife after she air-dropped a video of him snoring to his staff.

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Romijn said on Thursday’s show, according to toofab: “There was one video you aired that I was not cool with,” before O’Conell aired it again.

Romijn went on: “It’s so vulnerable, you’re so vulnerable when you’re sleeping, you’re in the most vulnerable place imaginable.

“Newsflash, I didn’t clear that legally, and it’s making me feel like I have a little pull around here or something. If I wanted to really go after it, I could really sue, I could take over the show. I could just fully take… just imagine if I really took this all the way, what would that look like?”

She then got her own back by showing viewers pictures of O’Connell in a crop top the morning after Halloween.

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