Cardi B’s Interview With Bernie Sanders Is Finally Here

Cardi B wants to feel the Bern.

The “Bodak Yellow” rapper, 26, sat down with Bernie Sanders at a nail salon in Detriot to grill the Democratic presidential candidate on Medicare for All, tuition-free college and how to get “bully” Donald Trump out of the White House.

“We have this bully as a president and the only way to take him out is somebody winning,” she told Sanders in a brand new clip of the interview which is an effort to engage youth voters. “I want to tell my millions of followers: We’re here to educate you guys,” she said, urging her fans to “get more educated.”

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The unlikely duo then dove into issues like police brutality.

“It makes us feel worthless,” she said. “Constantly see our men getting killed every day.”

She added, “I don’t want people thinking that we’re trying to attack the police. Because let me tell you something, there was this one time that I started to feel like I hate the police, they’re pigs. But there’s a lot of cops that go in their jobs and they want to protect their people.”

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Cardi’s argument prompted Sanders to reply, “We need police departments that look like the communities that they serve — we get rid of a lot of this militarization of the police department, which is a form of intimidating people.”

They also detailed issues like minimum wage and student debt.

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