Jacob Tremblay is a huge fan of Keanu Reeves, so much so that one of Reeves’ iconic films was an inspiration for a scene in “Good Boys”.

The 12-year-old Canadian cutie chatted with Vulture about his new R-rated comedy, revealing “The Matrix” helped him prepare for the paintball fight scene in the movie.

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“I remember when I was preparing for that, I watched that one scene from the first ‘Matrix’, when Neo is shooting the guns and doing the slow-motion flips,” Tremblay told the outlet. “You can tell I’m harnessing Keanu Reeves in that one scene.”

Tremblay later revealed that the paintball scene ended up being his favourite, “Everyone was dodging, running under the tables, and the pots and plates were smashing everywhere!”

And his co-stars, Keith L. Williams and Brady Noon, who were on hand at Vulture, agreed.

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“I got to break a board over someone’s back,” Noon revealed. “And it was cool, ’cause, like, I got to break a board over someone’s back.”

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