Kate Middleton Ranks Higher Than Meghan Markle In Popularity Poll

YouGov frequently runs opinion polls, this time on the popularity of the British Royal Family.

This most recent poll is sure to start debates between Meghanstans on if the Duchess of Sussex deserves her ranking of No. 6, two spots behind Kate Middleton who comes in at No. 4.

Katestans and Meghanstans are very protective of “their” duchess, and this poll will just add fuel to that fire.

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The Duchess of Cambridge hasn’t moved with her 64 percent positive opinion rating. Only 10 percent have a negative opinion, with 22 percent being neutral.

The Duchess of Sussex doesn’t fare as well in the poll with only a 49 percent positive opinion. She sits at 16 percent negative and 28 percent neutral. Millennials far prefer Meghan who place her in fifth place, where Baby Boomers have her in ninth.

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Prince Harry was in first last year but falls to second after being taken over by granny. Queen Elizabeth reigns again with a 72 percent positive opinion, yet more people have heard of Prince William over Her Majesty.

Although according to the Millennials, Prince William should hold the top spot, followed by the Queen and then Prince Harry.

The top 15, as rated by YouGov, are as follow:

  1. Queen Elizabeth- 72%
  2.  Prince Harry- 71%
  3.  Prince William- 69%
  4.  Kate Middleton- 64%
  5.  Prince Philip- 54%
  6.  Meghan Markle- 49%
  7.  Prince Charles- 48%
  8.  Princess Anne- 46%
  9.  Zara Phillips- 42%
  10.  Countess of Wessex- 29%
  11.  Duchess of Cornwall- 29%
  12.  Prince Edward- 26%
  13.  Princess Eugenie- 25%
  14.  Princess Beatrice- 24%
  15.  Prince Andrew- 21%


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