Bonkers ‘Cats’ Horror-Movie Mashup Is Legitimately Terrifying — And Stephen King Approves!

Anticipation is building for the star-studded movie adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s iconic musical “Cats”, but what would it look like if footage from the recently released trailer was mashed up with clips from such horror movies as “Pet Sematary”, “Bird Box” and “A Quiet Place”?

The results are surprisingly terrifying in a new YouTube mashup that does just that, creating a new trailer in which the human characters from those other movies are downright horrified to encounter the creepy human-cat hybrids that look like they were birthed on “The Island of Dr. Moreau”.

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Not only is the mashup legitimately scary, it also earned a thumbs-up from the author of “Pet Sematary”, with Stephen King offering his own unique form of praise via Twitter.

“I got nothin,” wrote the Master of Horror in a tweet, sharing the video with his followers.

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For a slightly less terrifying take on “Cats”, check out the actual trailer for the film below.

Cats” will purr its way into theatres on Christmas Day 2019.

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