Former WWE Champ Steve Austin Goes From ‘Stone Cold’ To Red Hot While Chowing Down On Spicy Wings

During his days in pro wrestling, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was a fearsome foe in the wrestling ring — but is he a match for the spiciest of spicy hot wings?

Fans found that out when the former WWE superstar paid a visit to “Hot Ones”, the YouTube talk show that poses questions to celebrities while they chow down on increasingly spicy hot wings, typically culminating with wings flavoured with the infamous “ghost pepper,” purported to be the hottest pepper in the world.

Austin, 54, stopped by to promote his new USA Network talk show “Straight Up Steve Austin”, and admitted that “Hot Ones” could be the toughest foe he ever faced.

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“I might be the biggest sissy you ever had on the show,” quipped Austin.

As it turned out, however, Austin proved to have a sturdier constitution than he thought, and was able to handle even the hottest hot wings with surprising ease.

You can watch Austin’s chat while tackling insanely hot wings in the video above; you can also check out a promo for “Straight Up” below:

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