Daphne Zuniga Teases ‘Melrose Place’ Reboot After Success of ‘BH90210’

“BH90210” has captured a new audience while bringing back the original watchers and now Daphne Zuniga would like to see a reboot of the “90210” spin-off “Melrose Place”.

Zuniga played Jo Reynolds on the 1990s spin-off and told TheWrap that she is “totally open” to bringing back her character.

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“I would be totally open to doing it. But, you know, we’re gonna watch [‘BH90210’]. I’m gonna watch tonight and we’ll see how it goes,” she said.

Elizabeth Goodenough/Everett Collection
Elizabeth Goodenough/Everett Collection

“I think the set-up is really interesting that they’re playing their characters wanting to do a revival. So I don’t know that we would do that same thing, we’d have to come up with something clever.”

Zuniga did take up the part of Reynolds before for the shortlived 2009 reboot of “Melrose Place” but says that the plot from that series could be ignored.

“I’m not married to reincorporating that,” she said. “I think you want to incorporate what the fans love. And I know fans know the seasons, the storylines, better than I do. And so I think you want to do that, you want to honour that. Again, it would take a really good writer.”

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For now, the actress is set to star in the Lifetime movie “Gates of Paradise” alongside Jason Priestley that airs on Aug. 17.

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