Kevin Bacon Opens Up About How Taking On Dark Roles Can Take A Toll On Actors

Kevin Bacon is talking about his past and current roles and how taking part in a dark, violent show can take a toll on you.

“I was having really bad dreams on ‘The Following,’” Bacon told IndieWire about his part on the serial killer drama. “Part of that was the fact that I was so inundated with violence every day I went to work. I was killing somebody, somebody was killing me, I was using guns, knives, fighting, and that kind of caught up to me. It was a dark f**king place to go to.”

Yet after a three-season stint, Bacon, 61, joined another dark drama, “City On A Hill”, as FBI Agent Jackie Rohr which is about to wrap up its first season.

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“The things Jackie does… he’s got real blood on his hands,” the actor said. “Besides broken hearts and ruining people’s careers, he says it: ‘I’m a bad guy. I treat everyone the same: Bad.’”

The show has already been picked up for season two and Bacon knows that spending that much time in a character like Rohr could rub off on him.

“There is that risk,” he said. “On the other hand, what really would be hard for me to live in was a shitty part in a show that means nothing to me — where I’m Dr. Whatever, you know what I mean? That would eat away at me in a big way. I don’t care how big the paycheck was — that would be frightening.”

Bacon notes that he is not a method actor and doesn’t take his character out of the scene but does try to “lose myself” in the part.

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“I want to lose myself in it. I want the time between action and cut not to feel like I’m me. I want to feel like I’m in someone else’s shoes,” he said. “That’s the difference between an actor and a celebrity. A celebrity tries to put across an image — you gotta hold onto the image of this star, or this movie, or this brand, or all those kind of things. I’ve tried that in the past, or had my flirtations with it, and it doesn’t work. It’s just not who I am. I just have to be true to the character.”

And whether it is playing Rohr or another character, we can expect to see Bacon around for some time.

“[At my age] people start to go, ‘Yeah, I’m gonna do less, I’m gonna work less, I’m gonna slow down. Play golf. […] I’m going to get nostalgic about my life and my career and all that kind of stuff. I’m not there — like, at all. I’m completely, still, pedal to the metal, looking for the next thing, driving straight down the road.”

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