Stay out of the way of Chad Johnson — it would seem like any member of the “Bachelor” family isn’t safe from Johnson’s latest rants.

The former “Bachelor In Paradise” star gave his opinion on the Blake Horstmann/Caelynn Miller-Keyes/Kristina Schulman love triangle after Nick Viall addressed it.

“So nick vile says that Blake releasing texts was ‘premeditated’. No s**t,” Johnson began.

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Next up was Daniel Maguire.

“Just want to take a moment to remind people that Daniel Maguire is the real reason I was kicked off Bachelor in Paradise. Daniel was riding my coattails, he destroyed those coattails, and now he’s gone on to do jack s**t with his life. Suck it Daniel you dumb maple syrup slut,” he wrote.

A few days later he followed it up with, “I recently learned that I never called Sarah a ‘one arm B’. The audio was cut, spliced, and edited together from multiple conversations.”

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Dean Unglert responded, “Congrats on being a trash human,” which only created further back-and-forth.

But Sarah Herron’s time wasn’t up. “You literally Facebook messaged me and said it wasn’t a big deal. We laughed about it & have the texts. I apologized 100 times,” he wrote before releasing text messages between the two. “You even were interested in me afterwards. If it hadn’t been for my comment that never even happened, your charity would not be known. And still, this?”

Herron wasn’t pleased with Johnson’s oversharing as made evident by her cold shoulder when she stopped responding.

But there were a few members left of Bachelor Nation that Johnson said “Don’t deserve a good punch in the mouth,” including Jenny Delaney, Arie Luyendyk Jr., and Lauren Burnham.