Kit Harington was very disappointed that his character wasn’t involved in one of the biggest moments in “Game of Thrones” history.




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In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the actor spoke about filming the final season of the blockbuster HBO series and was asked about Arya killing the Night King instead of Jon Snow.

“I was a bit p***ed off, only because I wanted to kill the Night King!” he admitted. “I think I felt like everyone else did, in that it had been set up for a long time, and then I didn’t get to do it. But I was so happy for Maisie and Arya. I was secretly like, ‘I wanted to do that!’”

He added, “But it was a really great twist, and it tied up Maisie’s journey in a really beautiful way. Over the seasons, we’ve seen her build up these skills to become this hardened assassin, and she uses it all to kill our main antagonist.”

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The actor also spoke about the difficult of shooting his dragon-riding scenes for the final season.

“I was on the back of that buck [the rig used for filming the scenes] for longer than we filmed the entire ‘Battle of the Bastards’,” Harington said. “Emilia [Clarke] had been moaning about it for seasons, and I was like, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever. You have not been through the mud in Northern Ireland. A buck in a nice warm room? Boo hoo’.”

He continued, “But she was absolutely right. It was horrific. It’s not acting at all. It is not acting, it never will be acting, and it is not what I’d signed up for… It is very uncomfortable as a man.”