Jim Gaffigan Discusses His New Standup Special And Gives An Update On His Wife’s Health

With five kids, multiple movie appearances and a new standup special, Jim Gaffigan is certainly a busy man – so the time he has to himself is especially valuable.

Aptly titled “Quality Time”, the comedian’s new standup special, now available on Amazon Prime, is all about substance over “flash” comedy. While chatting with ET Canada’s Sangita Patel, Gaffigan, 53, shares why it is important to him to address relatable, everyday topics.

“I feel as though we live, particularly in the States, where it’s so toxic politically, that we almost kind of need a break from it,” he says. “I’m a substance guy. Hopefully, my comedy is quality.

“Quality time is spending time with your family. Time when you feel rejuvenated afterward – and there’s food.”

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Nevertheless, there are certain topics the funny man knows to avoid.

“I’m a pudgy white guy, so there’s things they’re like, ‘We’re not interested in hearing your opinion on that,'” he says. “I’m against any form of censorship but I think an audience will tell you what they’re interested in.”

While this is Gaffigan’s seventh standup special, what makes this one particularly special is that his wife, Jeannie Gaffigan, is the director.

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“She’s the best director ever,” he says. “She does it all.”

In 2017, Jeannie was diagnosed with a benign brain tumour, which she had removed last year.

“She’s doing well,” Jim says. “You know, she had this brain tumour and it was removed and it was quite a journey but she’s doing pretty well.”

“She’s at, like, 80 per cent, which is the equivalent of me at, like, 120 per cent. There’s no stopping her.”

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