Disney+ is getting ready to launch their streaming service and created a massive Twitter thread combining all of their franchises.

“It’s moving day! Is everyone packed and ready to go?” the thread started.

“We can’t find Dory,” a worried Pixar responded.

Luckily the educational National Geographic had the answer. “Maybe we can help! Have you tried looking in shallow, tropical reefs of the Indo-Pacific? That’s where you’ll find paracanthurus hepatus. Just don’t get confused with acanthurus leucosternon or acanthurus coeruleus – they all are known as blue tangs!”

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But Marvel was still running behind as they had “quite a few suits” to pack up.

But how to get everyone from point A to B? “Star Wars” had that solution.

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“Looks like you’re in need of some transport, you scruffy-looking nerf herders. Welcome aboard the Millennium Falcon, @Marvel! Any more crew expected?” they tweeted.

“I am Groot,” “Guardians Of The Galaxy” added. And with that they made the “jump to lightspeed” and were off.


“It’s barely 9:00 am and we already found Dory, assembled the @Avengers, and got @StarWarsand @Marvel to tweet at each other. NBD just the most ambitious crossover event in history,” Disney+ tweeted.

“Worst. Corporate Twitter stunt. Ever.” “The Simpson”‘s blatantly stated.

The United States, Canada and The Netherlands will all be getting access to the streaming service on Nov. 19. Followed by Australia and New Zealand a week later.

The service will cost Canadians $8.99 a month and will feature 18 of the 21 Pixar films, almost all of Marvel movies, 5,000 episodes of Disney Channel shows, Disney’s movie back catalog, 100 Disney Channel original movies and 30 seasons of The Simpsons which was acquired when Disney bought 21st Century Fox in March.