Alex Rodriguez Has A ‘Burner Account’ To Keep Track Of His Daughter’s Social Media Accounts

Alex Rodriguez is living in the age of raising teenagers while dealing with social media.

While on the Barstool Sports Podcast “Chicks In The Office”, the former baseball player let into how he monitors their accounts when they won’t him follow them.

“My daughters don’t let me follow them on social media. Oh yeah I have a burner account,” ARod said.

The girls also have rules on what their famous dad can post.

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“Oh my gosh they are like the COO and the CEO of my social media craziness or whatever I do. They’re so good. You know every time I post something usually like 5 out of 10 both of them would DM me and say ‘Dad are you serious’. ‘Dad, you know I’m going into high school next year.’ ‘Dad this is how bullying starts’ and I’m like okay I’ll erase it,” Rodriguez mentioned.

“I have contracts with both of them that if I post something now, you know they’re getting to be teenagers, they have to approve everything and I’m like OK I got it, I’m sorry.”

But despite what his daughters think, Rodriguez can see a positive to being able to write your own narrative compared to when “the media wanted to write or whatever information they got which really you think about percentage wise it was very very small.”

He added, “I think we are in a world today that we made an investment to say we should tell our own story and we have children and we’re documenting in real time some of the things that we’re doing both personally and professionally and with four kids” ARod added in reference to his and fiancée Jennifer Lopez’s two children.

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And that same blended family has been spending the summer on the road in a Winnebago.

“We started in The Forum in Los Angeles on June 4th and literally travelled the country and finished domestically on my birthday in Miami which was the last show domestically before, of course, she went to Russia and Egypt and Israel and all these other places,” he said. “And it’s great that the best part was actually being on the bus with the four of us, the six of us, with the four kids. And it’s how I grew up. I mean we grew up with like one bathroom and we had to wait and we were kind of pushing each other around and there’s nothing better. It was like a dream vacation to be that close to our family.”

You can listen to the full episode here.

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