Bill Skarsgård Once Drove Around Hollywood With His Pennywise Makeup On

Most people might not recognize Bill Skarsgård when he is out of character.

Best known for his part as Pennywise The Dancing Clown in “It”, Skarsgård tells CR Men that he once drove around Hollywood with the monstrous makeup still on his face.

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“[It was] a metaphor for what the profession of acting feels like,” the Swedish actor teased.

The younger brother of Alexander Skarsgård has achieved recognition in the States and spoke to the publication about the country’s celebrity culture.

“In America, stars are taught to say they are boring but they don’t expect us to believe them,” he noted. “I prefer the Swedish system. It prizes actors as craftsmen, not as celebrities.”

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He added, “Acting is a very expensive way of letting that inner child play again.”

The new edition of CR Men hits newsstands on September 5.

“It: Chapter Two” comes to theatres on September 6.

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