Jordan And Christian Get Heated On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

Chris Harrison promised intense drama on “Bachelor in Paradise”.

And Jordan and Christian delivered. The two “Bachelor in Paradise” contestants went at it in a heated back-and-forth. It all started when Christian stole time with Nicole on the beach. Jordan stood up for Clay by confronting Christian.

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In the fight, Jordan ripped Christian’s pinata from its hanging. Jordan then got behind Christian’s back, wrapped his arms around his waist, picked him and suplexed him off the platform. Producers quickly interjected and separated the two men.

“There’s no way all of us are gonna feel safe with them around,” Katie said. “The two of them need to leave. They’re out of control.”

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Harrison later informed both men they were being kicked off the show. “Your safety is of the utmost importance,” Harrison told the remaining contestants. He assured all of them that the show had a “zero-tolerance policy” for such incidents.

“I just got scared. I don’t want anyone to get hurt,” she said. “That’s the last thing I came here for.” Fortunately, it reaffirmed her feelings for Clay. “Tonight made me realize how much I cared for him,” she said.

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