Conan O’Brien To Head To Greenland In Attempt To Negotiate Sale: Offers Up ‘Best State’ Florida

Donald Trump might not be able to buy Greenland but that isn’t going to stop Conan O’Brien from trying to strike a deal with Denmark.

During Monday’s episode of “Conan” the host announced that he will head to the island for a “Conan Without Borders” travel special.

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O’Brien still teased the president: “As the elder statesman of late-night, what if I negotiated the deal? Seriously. What if I handled this historic negotiation? Okay, I have as much if not more negotiating experience as Trump. I mean, come on… an 11 o’clock time slot on TBS? You don’t just get that!”

O’Brien’s strategy was to hand off Florida to Denmark. “Trust me, this is our best state. And please do not Google ‘Florida’.”

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He also advised: “Once you’re a part of the United States, you will be enrolled in the U.S. health care system. Also, please do not Google ‘U.S. health care system’.”

And if he doesn’t make the deal, “I, Conan O’Brien, will never step foot again on American soil.”

The special is expected to air on September 3.

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