Rob Schneider revisits his “Saturday Night Live” character Richard Laymer during an appearance on David Spade’s new show “Lights Out”.

Schneider played Richmeister the copy-machine guy in the old-school skits, sitting at his desk while yelling out nicknames for people while they made copies.

However, Spade is keen to show Richmeister just how much times have changed in his latest clip. He also gave him an important lesson on the #MeToo movement.

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As one lady went to make copies, Schneider’s character made some comments before Spade insisted: “Hey, whoa, whoa. Rich, you can’t talk like that around the office anymore. You can’t harass women. We had a seven-hour meeting about that for HR. Weren’t you there?”

Rich replied, “Lesson learned. Boundaries maintained. Respect-arama. Don’t wanna be a #MeToo-ster. Keeping’ my job. Staying in my own lane. Secretly terrified of women.”

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Spade also broke the news to Rich that the company didn’t even make copies anymore, and that there were far easier options now.

See his devastated reaction in the “Lights Out” clip above.

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