Maya Hawke has released a music video for her brand new single “To Love A Boy”.

The “Stranger Things” star can be seen wandering the streets as a mermaid in the quirky vid, which also features Noah Deats and Fred Hechinger.

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Hawke, the daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, recently spoke to Pitchfork about creating the “To Love A Boy” video.

The actress shared, “I decided the video would be more interesting if the love interest of the video was the ocean, and it was about her pursuit to get back to the ocean.”

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“I’m a professional actor, but I’m not a professional musician, so I wanted to do the whole thing really not professionally. So I spent all my own money to make the video and I had to rent the mermaid costume, which ended up being incredibly sh**ty, but in a way that I think is really funny.”