Lena Dunham is looking back at her final moments with ex Jack Antonoff in their Brooklyn Heights apartment.

The “Girls” actress, 33, penned an emotional essay for the upcoming fall issue of Domino magazine and opened up about their six-year relationship and the heartbreaking moment they decided that she would move out.

Just a couple years into their relationship, Dunham says they decided to find “a place where we could build a future” and “consider children.”

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But after Dunham carefully designed her dream home and Antonoff headed off on tour with his band The Bleachers, she says Antonoff “hated” the design.

“He didn’t want to hate it,” she says. “He tried not to hate it. But he didn’t like living among the insides of my mind.”

Dunham, who says she was willing to compromise, “felt sick every time I made a design concession or covered up pink with dove grey.”

She added, “Love can only survive so much. At night, I mapped out my dream space in my head.”

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But their different styles in home decor ultimately drove a wedge between them.

“The last time I saw that apartment was when we agreed, with love, that someone had to go,” Dunham recalls. “‘You can finally eat in the bed without anyone getting mad at you,’ he said through tears.”

And now, Dunham has settled down in an “eccentric” second-floor Manhattan rental, “Across from me is a luxurious brownstone, but I’m not sure how it’s decorated,” she wrote. “I’ve stopped looking in other people’s windows… I’m finally home.”

The Fall 2019 issue of Domino hits newsstands on Sept. 3.