Spelling is no longer fun it seems.

Taylor Swift made her big return to the charts with her Brendon Urie collaboration “ME!” One particular section of lyrics captured listeners attentions. “Hey, kids, spelling is fun!” Swift sings.

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That seems to no longer be the case. On Wednesday, Swift fans noticed the lyric has been removed from the Apple Music stream of the “ME!” The change comes two days before the release of Swift’s seventh studio album Lover.

Some criticized the portion of the song as tacky or cheesy, but Swift defended it an April interview with Hit in Australia. “So the lyrics, that’s a tone decision that we made in the studio,” she shared.

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“We literally were like, okay, let’s say ‘Hey, kids! Spelling is fun’ because we want everyone to know that this song is not really serious because it’s not, like, a serious love song,” she continued.

Lover also boasts singles “You Need to Calm Down” and “Lover”, plus a collaboration with the Dixie Chicks called “Soon You’ll Get Better”.

As for Swift’s earlier music, Swift told “CBS Sunday” how she plans to re-record her earlier songs after the rights were recently sold to Scooter Braun. In the interview airing on Sunday, August 25, the singer also talks about songwriting, her career, her haters and more.