With the “Beverly Hills, 90210” cast reunited in Fox’s new behind-the-scenes spoof “BH90210”, Brian Austin Green sat down with BuzzFeed News’ “AM to DM” talk show to discuss what it’s like to play a fictionalized version of himself in the sort-of reboot.

“All of us as actors got to sit down with Chris [Alberghini] and Mike [Chessler], the two writers, and sort of create what our characters would be on the show, since we’re playing versions of ourselves,” explains Green, 46, whose “BH90210” character is married to a fictional pop star played by “Power” actress La La Anthony (in real life, he’s married to “Transformers” star Megan Fox).

 “For me, it was tricky because of all the press that Megan and I have gotten. So, I wanted to come up with something where I would still be able to have fun but it would be close enough to what people might expect me to do in real life — like it’s not Megan, so I’m not married to a movie star — but people would believe that I would marry someone in music, because the character was so into music, and so was I at the time,” he continues. “It was a wink at what my life is and what the tabloids follow, but at the same time it gave us an opportunity to play and still have fun.”

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Adding Anthony to the cast, he adds, helped bring some diversity to the all-white original cast: “It was really important to me, and it felt like it was a really good opportunity and a very organic way to do that. To have three daughters [on the show] instead of sons, which I have personally, that are mixed, I thought it was just a really fun and normal way. Our culture at this time is fun that way because it is diverse, and you can represent so many different races and ethnicities and backgrounds, and the fact that we got to do that on the show was a positive for me… I think it’s just playing what it is now. Playing it as a very normal point in time. We didn’t want to make a meal out of it, or have any discussions about it or make it some sort of a storyline, it just is what it is.”

While viewers are embracing “BH90210” and its wild concept, Green admits that he and the rest of the cast probably wouldn’t have gone for a more traditional reboot/revival of the beloved teen drama.

“I had never thought in a million years that we’d do a reboot of ‘90210’, because I had played David Silver for 10 years, and I kinda felt like that the show was done,” he says. “I’ve done enough of that guy, you know, everyone’s seen enough, they know him, they saw him through high school and college and graduation, and real life, and all that. But this idea, just as an actor, it seemed really cool. It’d be fun — we get to go back, and for the fans, sort of play the ‘90210’ characters of David and Donna and all them, but at the same time, do something that’s different and fun as an actor. The original show was sort of groundbreaking in what it was, and I know people were sort of on the fence about this one, but we selfishly did it for them, and we did a reboot of the show for them. And then for us, we did it the way we did it. And it was like, if you guys like it, awesome; if you don’t, sorry.”

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When the original show exited the airwaves in 2000, social media didn’t even exist — and Green admits he’s thankful that it didn’t.

“When we did the show the first time, there was no internet. There was no social media at all… That’s changed a lot,” he says. “I’ve been in this business since I was nine and have seen the evolution of it. I’ve seen it go from the big three networks, then with ‘90210’ creating a fourth network… We got away with a lot of stuff. We were lucky to not have social media as it is now. I think our show would have been a whole different monster. And I think our show wouldn’t have been as popular, because people would go online and look at Beverly Hills and go ‘Oh, they’re full of crap.’”

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