David Spade takes numerous swipes at Mumford & Sons as they interview to be his new house band on the latest episode of “Lights Out”.

Right off the bat, Spade says: “You know I’m looking for a house band and not a vacuum cleaner repair store in the Valley that’s going out of business.”

He then insists, “I love you guys. You guys are great. You’re like Aerosmith for people with allergies.”

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Spade tells Marcus Mumford that he bears a striking resemblance to “Russell Crowe during ‘Gladiator’,” adding: “That’s hot.”

The actor continues: “Did you know Russell Crowe and I are the exact same age? He looks like he’s my dad, but I keep telling everyone I look younger than him. No one’s agreed yet.”

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He eventually says the band’s interview went “perfectly okay,” before Marcus asks whether Spade is wearing “one of those hats with the hair attached to them.”

They then agree to key Spade’s car.

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