Dealing with a break and enter can be scary for anyone and for John Travolta, it has happened twice.

“I’ve only had two people that actually invaded my house,” Travolta told Variety on Thursday.

“They were just people that wanted to meet me,” the actor added while at the premiere of “The Fanatic”.

However, the experiences did help him form his character as a celebrity stalker in his new movie.

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“I was scared the first time,” he recalled when the intruder broke in. “The second time there was such a gentle presence that came to the family dinner that I was just like: ‘Who are you? What are you doing here?’ But I’ve never had a problem with fans,” he added.

Travolta has been a household name for longer than most make it in Hollywood and that all has to do with the fans who support him. The “Grease” alum has found social media to be a useful tool in communicating with his fan base.

“I do have Instagram, so for the last year, I’ve been keeping people up with my personal life — and it’s been fabulous,” he said. “I only do things that are interesting to me. I won’t do something that I think would bore a person and that’s kind of fun, right? So the truth is that I’m out there.”

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The actor also touched on the heartbreak the fans go through when a celeb doesn’t appreciate them back: “People love you and you want their love for you to be reflected back. But when they get disappointed, it’s so heartbreaking that it can like affect them for the rest of their life.”